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Problem with native install


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ok, so iv give this a few runs, and i keep coming up with the same issue.


I boot from the DVD, format the hard drive (40GB Western Digital)

install teh OS with standard software and AMD packages.

installation completes sucessfully, tells me to restart... when i click restart however, i get this error message.


launchd: Server 0 in Bootstrap 1103 uid 0: "/usr/sbin/distnoted" [51] exited abnormally: Killed


I cant get any further than that. When i restart the machine after getting this message in an attempt to boot up, The apple logo screen amd loading wheel appear to be normal, but when teh login whindow should show up and either start the OS, or ask me to log in, I am met with nothing more that a blank screen.


These are my system specs:


AMD 64 3200

1GB Ram (2 X 512MB)

2 Nvidia 6600GT in SLi

MSI platinum Mobo

adaptec SCSI controller

Sound Blaster sound card

D Link Wireless N network card


Any help would be appreciated, I just want to get this thing up and running.


Thanks in advance

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i have the same problem, only last time i installed i didnt even get any sign of apple loading anything

is it safe to assume its my 8600gt?

i tried natit.2

should i not install any vga driver?


intel duo 2.33

evga 680iSE mobo

1 8600gt

sataHDD (had to use usb adapter for install, wont boot)



I reset my tower after the described screen, i let it boot without touching anything, it booted from the cd (from bios screen, still havent seen anything with a apple logo anywhere but from the disc)

so after it booted from cd, i didnt touch anyithng again, and now it says:

System config file '/com.apple.Boot.plist' not found


and its waiting for input


any advice??

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