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P5B Deluxe : getting mad !

Shug Ninx

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Hello there !


First of all I want to thank JaS and Uphuck for their work, and all the forums community for the precious help they provide.


Nonetheless, after a couple of weeks of many different install tries and forum/FAQ reading/browsing, I didn't managed to solve my issues. :)


So, with many regrets, I'm forced to generate some more "help me pleaaaaase" garbage post...


Hardware :

P5B Deluxe (see signature for more details)


Releases tested :




(I wish I could test other ones, but I couldn't find any other suitable release on Emule, and I don't have the luck to own a demonoid account)


Install methods & Errors encountered :

Here comes the fun, you'll noticed I actually didn't even managed to install OSX86


1. Naively booting any burnt image always result in "/com.apple.boot.plist not found"

(not surprising)


2. Booting those sames DVDs with an USB DVD drive always fail to detect any hard drive, probably because the SATA controller isn't detected.


3. Install using VMware as described here by a2000rick always results in "Read-only filesystem" errors at DVD boot. Look here for screen captures.


4. As my target drive is actually a basic IDE drive plugged to the ICH8R SATA controller using an IDE to SATA adapter, I also tryied methods 2&3 with the drive connected to the Jmicron IDE controller (tryied both master&slave). Same results.


As you might guess, all of this is a little bit desperating, especially since none of the troubles I've encountered seem to be very common (except with method 1). Or I'm very bad at FAQ/forum browsing.



Thanks for reading my post !



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