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Noob quetion, Help is requested

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I have a laptop:


Dell Latitude CPx

256 MB ram


Pentium 3 Processor

DVD burner



and I have a desktop with an external dvd burner.

I Would like to install Mac OSX onto my laptop for a native install

simple so far...

so I buy a mac disc, copy it to my pc and patch it (properly), then reburn it.

All I get is the black darwin screen and I type in f8 then -v for problems, and then I get a fault, then it lists a bunch of stuff that my noobish ways do not understand.


so, I go on to trey again with a different image premodified (Jas Iso) same thing happens.So I download another, and still no dice.


here's exactly what I do:


power on


I hit F12 for bootscreen, I select DVD drive.

Black screen with the darwin stuff comes up.

I hit F8

Then I type in -v into the prompt

It begins to load, I get really excited :(

about 10 seconds after listing about 4 things (kernels loaded i think) it says panic, followed by some faults.

then it stops at kernel version of the thing, and that's where I'm at right now. It hasn't rebooted or anything I'm just letting it sit and pray that it is loading the OS x Image to the hdd so I can boot os x.


Any Idea or sugestions? do i need usb legacy off?

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Pentium 3 Processor


I'm sorry, but there's your problem right there. It's never going to work. OS X needs at least an SSE2 or SSE3 capable processor. The Pentium 3 doesn't have these instruction sets. They are only in more recent amd and intel cpus.

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I thought I checked it but I mus've read the wrong list (there was a list posted somewhere)


a pentium 4 will do it with a partition install, correct? can't do a native boot, no dvd drive (only my external and my bios is too old to boot from it, optiplex gx240)



off topic... what distro of linux has the dock similar to apple?


thanks for saving me a world of hassle.

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