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Schoolhouse Problems..

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Hey all;


I'm having a problem with Schoolhouse 2 (http://www.loganscollins.com/schoolhouse/). Normally, what I do to create a new assignment is select the day said assignment is due, right click (or control click, if I'm not using my wireless mouse) and then go into the configuration panel on the right side and select the course for which that assignment pertains to. Unfortunately, after having to do a reinstall of OS X, this doesn't work for me anymore. I'm able to get a drop down menu, as usual, but when I select a course or a level of importance for an assignment, nothing happens.


That being said, I am able to go into the source list and select a course, then hit the +Assignment button at the top of the window to create a new assignment for the selected course, but that's tedious compared to the other method. I've tried completely deleting the application and all related files, then doing a fresh install, but nothing seems to be working. Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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