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Help me! First time successful dual BOot but still have problem


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HI,it is the first time i succeed in dual booting,but i got a problem.


In the first of trial install,i decide to delete Linux partition in order to get space for x86,however the GRUB is corrupted,i cant boot into Windows again.I use the Os x86 10.4.8 to boot and install successfully in deleted Linux partition (about 6 GB),but i just log in to x86,no option to choose What OS i love to boot first.


Therefore,i re-install Windows in default Partition and use Acronis according to this guide .Finally i can dual boot .But 6Gb which i installed is too small,it just enough for upgrading to 10.4.9 version with final free space is 6xx Mb.


Do you know how to increase the amount of size in x86 partition from windows partition,help me pls

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