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Help with verbose mode


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my hackintosh is only willing to boot from it's MacOS X Installation when the installer DVD is in the drive.

So my PC starts, the bios comes up then it wants to boot from the DVD but the DVD has a countdown where

you have to hit any key to install MacOS X or just wait. If I wait and not hit any key the DVD

boots instead from its DVD - now my HD installation.

It always worked like that pretty well. So for my to boot my Hackintosh is just to put in the DVD,

reboot, wait the 10 secs countdown and it boots from my HD.


Now my problem is that I never get to boot into verbose mode this way.

As soon as I hit F8 as the system starts to load from my HD it restarts my PC right away.

I noticed that when the grey screen comes with the grey apple logo that my keyboard

gets turned off (lights off) and then after a second back on. So when I press a key while it

gets turned on the PC reboots :blink: If I do it later in the boot process F8 doesn't do anything any more.


Is there a way to get into verbose mode without having to hit a key? Like editing a system file on the HD

while being in Windows?


I'd appreciate some ideas :)



EDIT: Problem solved. Thanks to a post from Foodie Monster I found out that you have to press F8 when the countdown appears and then type rd=disk1s1 -v and there you go, the Hackintosh boots from the HD in verbose mode.




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