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2 second problems

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well i successfully installed mac os x x86(10.4.6 jas with maxuss patch) in my ATA hdd however i am facing weird problems

when i choose AHCI configuration for my SATA hdd mac os x mounts my hdd cool huh but after using the hdd for 2 seconds it just hangs with its spinning wheel of color

another problem is with sound when i start my comp it is there for 2 seconds but then it goes away

my config is

AMD Athlon 64 3000+ socket 939

Asus A8V-MX mobo (K8M800 based)

unichrome via/s3g gfx

realtek alc653

seagate baracuda 7200 rpm hdd

also it says the instruction hasent moved for 5 sec for onboard usb


can ne1 please help

i am a noob to os x x86

thnx a lot

(will dwnloding the latest release solve the problem??)

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