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Sleep on a Thinkpad T42p

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Hi all


First post, though i have been using OSx86 for over a year or so on and off. My Thinkpad T42P is working great for the most part, except for wireless, CI/QE (Radeon FireGL Mobility T2 M10 NT 128M 0x4e541002 working with Callisto - im sure ill post about that one later) and ACPI sleep.


I can go into sleep fine, but cannot resume from it. I am using JaS 10.4.8 with PPF1 and PPF2 patches. Does anyone else with a T40 series laptop have working sleep/resume\ from\ sleep? If so, could you tell me what kexts i need to install/patch?


Thanks muchly




PS - Also the machine runs abysmally slow on battery - i imagine the same ACPI fix would take care of that too, but if not, please feel free to impart any wisdom to that effect and to its resolution upon me :(

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