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will osx run native on a inspiron 1501


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i got a free inspiron 1501 because a friend didnt know the problem, it has a busted mobo so im waiting for a replacement and a new harddrive.

if they worked i would have tested before asking but thought might aswell get this figured out before hand

its a

sempron 3500

1gb ram

xpress 1150 graphics

it will most likely be a 120 seagate SATA hd

anyway i was wondering if i could get this running native, i hear the sata doesnt work but that means i could use vmware and make that native right?

and the xpress 1150 is either a x200 or x300 is that true? does it function normally?


another thing i was wondering what the graphics card compares to in real-world performance

finally just out of curiosity, i have a 1.2ghz ibook 12" with 512mb ram and a radeon 9200 that belongs to my high school which come june when i grad gets returned i was wondering would this inspiron run osx native better than that ibook?(if it functions properly of coarse)


thanks for tolerating my many newbish questions

please no flaming/trolling stuff

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the thing is if it wont work with osx il buy a smaller hd


if its unsupported if i clone a vmware image on he hd will it work native?

is vmware fast if i were to use it in that if not anyway to make it faster in vmware?

is a external ide hd worth it?

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