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N00b question on first build (Potential - Optiplex GX280)


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I want to build one of these for my sister (namely to edit videos with). I was piecing together some custom builds and it looks like to get something decent - you're spending $500-600 (not bad). I then went to read on pre-built machines from companies and found that the Dell Optiplex GX280 seems to be one of the best buys (just needs a NIC, everything else works).


I've managed to find one for $225 shipped - P4 2.8, 2GB ram, 40gb, cdrom. Would have to drop in a dvd burner and a bigger hd.


Seem good enough to jump on?


Thanks in advance.

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Hi mohater, my gx280 is running ok.

This is the second time that I installed os x my machine, I believe I made some errors during this installation. I'm having some problems, I can't get core image to work and the machine lags in some programs (painter x, haven't installed cs3 yet). I have:


optiplex gx280

2.5gb ddr2



network = intel pro/100 $5!!!


I used os x 10.4.8 Jas Intel Only

Selected SSE3 (this is probably the cause of my lag)

Selected Semthex

Selected GMA 900

Selected Combo Updates


I will be reinstalling it again with SSE2, I'm not sure what the combo updates do as I am a noob. Everything else has worked great for me. I bought an intel pro/100 because it seems that onboard ethernet doesn't work, it was only $5, im sure you can get that card almost anywhere.




did you get better performance with 10.4.7 compared to 10.4.8? is core image enabled with SSE2?


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I built a GX280, 256mb RAM and a p4 2.8Ghz CPU. It was an early 280, no SSE3 on the P4.

I never got around to installing correct sound drivers, from what I remeber it worked OK, not very quick but OK. I guess it was the lack of SSE3. But it was useable. I gave it to a friend and I ended up building a GX520.


I'm using it now, built with JAS 10.4.8 beta SSE2 SSE3 Intel AMD image. Updated with 10.4.9 Combo PPF1 PPF2.

(I'd like to try the new all in one Uphuck 1.2 DVD, if you know, ahem, someone will 'invite' me to get the image.

But as my system is working fine I don't know if I'd gain anything from doing so.)


It's running just great, wasn't at all hard to get working. Had to replace the audio KEXT and enter the MAC address for the NIC. It Xbenchs at 88.70 and Geekbenchs at 1830. I have yet to do some real world tests, possibly the Driver Heaven Photoshop Benchmark. I've tried Office 2004, Adobe CS2, Adobe CS3, Painter X, Studio 8, SketchUp6 all run without missing a beat. At 1600x1200 resolution on an Electron22blue monitor, and very nice it looks too.


So I would say, for the bargain price of a GX280 you'll get a working OSX without many probs, if you can stump up for an Ebay GX520 you'll notice the difference.


Personaly I want to know how it comapres to a 'real' Mac that Ebay's around the same price on wether I build an OSX86 PC or get a real Mac as my next machine.


As I'm new here a quick thanks to the folks behind all this, JaS - cus I used his creations, and the forum friends for an invaluable geek's resource.



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