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Constant reboots?


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I just did a fresh install of Jas 10.4.8 on a compaq p4 512meg ram 60 gig hd with intel chip set, on board graphics and sound.


Everything went smooth and is up and running 10.4.8


I then put the 10.4.9 jas update on a thumb drive and updated it.


I did not install the 10.4.4 login.


I repaired premissions and rebooted.


Now all I get is "darwin x86"


and the then the compaq flash screen and then "Darwin x86" and then over and over again.


I do not see a kernal panic, it just keeps on rebooting.


I then reinstalled 10.4.8 and again everything went fine, I then did the patch to 10.4.9 and blew it again.


Before I install 10.4.8 (for the third time) is there a way to fix this.


I have not tried single user mode or safe mode.


Any ideas?



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