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Finder is restarting when i start my computer and it never stop!


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Hi all!


I've a little problem, like most of the people on this forum ^^

So, here is a description of my situation :

DFI Lanparty

AMD X2 3800+

Geforce 7600 GS


Mac OS X 10.4.8

I've not installed any applications, except Divx (divx player etc...)


So, when I start my computer, OS X launch...the desktop appears, and then surprise!! finder open, and close, and open, and close...and i can wait 30 minutes, fender continues to restart without end!


If somebody have an idea, to resolve my problem, I would be happy ^^


Thanks you!


PS: scuse my english...I'm not used to talk on english forum

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Ok thanks you krazubu & Oracle67

I test and i tell you if it works


I've just tested it...

Here is what i've done :


Start my computer

Wait for the message "darwin blabla hit a key for startup options"

I hit a key

I obtain a prompt : Boot :

So I type : -x (and enter)

Mac OS start...ask me to log in => once i'm logged in i obtain a prompt (unix/linux type)

...and i dont know what to do...

Is it normal to obtain a linux prompt?

If yes, could you tell me if there is a procedure to solve my problem with the prompt?

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