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D975XBX2 Bad Axe 2 Hardware problem

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Let me set the stage:


Finally got all my parts together for my Hackintosh and wouldn't you know, trying to save a buck by buying the mobo from TigerDirect got me a mobo that was poorly packaged and the retail box looks like it's taken a beating. I've checked all the other components in another Bad Axe 2 so everything else works and is compatible. And I can RMA the board, but i have to sit on the phone with intel tech support till they verify the board is busted before i can RMA it, so I'd like to avoid the whole process if possible.


Here's what's wrong:


When I turn on the power supply the board gives me the green power light, i then press the power button on the board. The fans spin up to full speed (and don't drop down - fans are not being controlled by the mobo). Absolutely nothing on the monitor. No beeps from the mobo, just no activity. Also the fan on my 7900GS seems to pulsing, starting and stopping repeatedly.


If I switch the mode jumper to "Maintenence" I get three beeps (No memory/ memory clocked too high etc), but this doesn't happen in "Normal" mode. So do the beeps mean different things in Maintenance mode? Also the graphics card fan doesn't pulse in Maintenance mode.


I'd rather not go through the RMA process, please be my savior.

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