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Soundmax Lenovo N100

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Hi all,


i was reading a lot about how to get my soundmax sound card to work, but i still can't do it :) Maybe You will try to help me!!

First of all You have to write how to get valid information, because I'm not sure if I have correct info. From the windows control panel i obtained info like that:




In some other part (not in the proporties of my sound card, but in HDA or something like that) I found this:





I like to add that I own Lenovo 3000 N100 notebook. I have 10.4.6 version of OS X and volume bar doesn't work (it disappear while clicking) Please. Help me. Soundcard is the only thing which doesn't work for me! Please, ask me every thing which is needed to help me to solve my problem.


I would be happy if some good soul upload (if possible) needed files, because I  was editing my files, so I'm not 100% sure about its correctness.

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I see nobody want to help me :) I upgraded my os to 10.4.9 and used "AppleHDA Patcher" from this forum. Now in system preferences -> sound I have "Internal speaker" and "digital out" (both build-in). But still no sound, no input devices, no configure for any output (also can't set the volume) :):( :(


Please. What can I do??




Firstly i was using patcher ver.16 with no luck, but than I tried ver.13 (the only one working for this notebook) and now I only have sound from headphones out line. In additon the quality of this sound is not satisfying and also volume control bar is disabled. Any idea what next ??

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