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Help for running OS X on custom computer

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OK, here is the deal. I reciently built a computer and I had decided to put Vista on it despite all the bad reviews. I figured if I didn't like it I could always wipe my drive and put XP or Linex on it. Well I don't like it, way too many bugs, so I decided to see if I could install Tiger on my computer instead. Thing is, I don't know much about Macs and im not sure my hardware is compatable. I will list my Specs and hopefully someone here can guide me in a reasonable direction.




AMD 64 Athlon Processor

Abit Fatal1ty AN8 Motherboard

ATI X600XT 256MB PCI-E Video card


1 Firewire

1 Ethernet port

2 18X DVD+R-RW Drives

1 1.44 Flopy Drive



If anyone can help me, I would appreciate it.

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So I should get 10.4.6 x86 and I could just boot from the DVD


There's already a 10.4.9 DVD running around. If you google it, you'll find it. It's much better than 10.4.6 and it'll probably have support for all your hardware.

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