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hp laptop: lan and wlan


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i have installed jas 10.4.8 on hp laptop

and it works fine


but i have problems with lan and wlan

lan: broadcom 5788

wlan: broadcom 4311


i have tried several procedures and kext files

from many different threats

but most where from 2005 or 2006

and i did not manage to get anyone to work


would be great if someone could help me or send me the right kest files

and how to use it.


unfortunately i am an absolutly osx noob :-)





greetz eduke0

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this helps me nothing...


i wanna use internal lan and wlan



wlan is working now




just did a reinstall and edited NetworkInterfaces.plist

en0 to 1 and integer to 1 too


hopefully someboday can help me with the lan



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