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dual boot vista and macos using xosl


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maybe someone already solved this problem:

I've installed Vista (second partition 10gb ntfs) and then Mac OS X 10.8.4 (third partition hfs+). No problem there. At next i wanted a nice boot menu. Darwin did the job, but due to missing configuration options, darwin isn't an option for me. Now I'm trying to get XOSL do the job, without luck.


Things I did:

1. created partitions

1.1 50mb fat32 for XOSL

1.2 10gb ntfs for vista

1.3 10gb hfs+ for macos

2. installations of operating systems

2.1 installation of vista on 1.2

2.2 installation of macos on 1.3

3. installation of xosl on 1.1

4. booted with vista cd, repaired the installation, now vista boots flawlessy without errors but macos shows me the hfs+ error. when i boot from xosl into the smart boot manager (part of xosl for cd booting) it boots fine.


problem is: if i fix the mbr via the fdisk trick now, i get the darwin bootloader once again.


anyone a hint? would be pleased to get a solution and write a multiboot guide without the cost intensive acronis tools or often none working chainloading {censored}

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