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Hard Drive wont mount when dvd is booted...?

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Hello Everyone,


I have a little problem that i hope can be fixed. I have a patched dvd install image (jas) which is known to work on my AMD processor. I booted the dvd, the kernal took over the screen for about 3 minutes, but when i finnaly got to the GUI and was asked to select install destination, my Internal Hard Drive (primary), was not listed. I opened up disk utility, and it wasnt listed in there either??!!??...


A you can see, its kind of one of those annoying issues to have... ;-)


Please somebody help me??





P.S. The kernel seems to have alot of errors when booting the disk, it had to launch the crash reporter, but still booted...maybe its the kernel causing all this...??? One of the main errors in the kernel is the repettative "AppleUSBEHC found a transaction past the completion deadline on bus 43, timing out!" Could be that...???


**I attached some pictures of my kernel crapping out with errors. I also attached a picture of my install destination screen. Hope they help!



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