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Working with Adobe CS3 Design Premium


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I'm running OS X 10.4.9 smooth as a baby's butt on my Intel P4 3 GHz, and an Ati X1000 as far as I can remember. Everything on my system seems to work out just fine, with working graphics drivers supporting all the different 3D-mumbojumbos they're talkin about all the time.


Well, everything seems fine except that when I'm working with graphics, something seems to go wrong while trying to export/import files. Whenever I'm exporting graphic interfaces into e.g. a PNG or even actually PSD and imports it into e.g. Flash, all the colors are incorrect. Even tried to import it back into photoshop, and it still seems wrong. At least the PNG version. But both PNG and PSD gets incorrect color information when i'ts imported into Flash.


Anyone else experienced this problem?


Is this because of trouble on behalf of missing color management on the hackintosh, or is it something I might have just done wrong here?


Hoping for some easy ways out on this one :) Or else I'm all stuck in the net over here :S


Added some example screenshots:




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