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Computer freezes/hangs at bios post screen

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OK so i installed JaS 10.4.6 on a 2.0 GHZ P4 (SSE2). it went on no worries, and I booted into OSX once, had a look around then shut down again.


Now the PC hangs at the BIOS Post screen, before memory test or IDE detection.


I cannon enter the bios settings either, keyboard is not responding (plus Post screen must fully boot to reach the bios setup).


I have tried with different RAM installed, I dont think so.


This is what it is showing


Award Modular Bios v6.00PG, Energy star.......



Main Processor : Intel Pentium® 4 2.00A GHz(100x20.0)

<CPUID:0F24 Patch ID:0007>




And thats it, it hangs there, down the bottom there is still "hit DEL to enter setup......"


Any ideas guys?



Thanks in advance

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Where you able to log into os x or when you said you logged in do you mean that it loaded the dvd and went through the installation?

I've seen a similar problem because sometimes os x leaves a 200 MB partition at the beginning of the hard drive and it won't even alow the computer to post. try using another hard drive and if it post the only way you can reformat the hard drive you have os x installed it's using third party software like acronis.

I usually go to disk utility while installing and partion the whole hdd as one single partition.

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