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[bounty] Fully Functioning Lenovo Thinkpad

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I am in a place between worlds.


On one hand I love OS X and ran it for quite some time on a TiBook G4 before finally bailing ship because of the ridiculously slow hardware.


Sadly, I moved to a Thinkpad, and I'm now addicted to the quality of this hardware, the keyboard, and most of all, the trackpoint and normal 4x3 screen...


But I just can't stand XP any longer, and although Ubuntu Feisty has come a long way, the daily wastes of time to get this or that working are growing tiring already.


I need Mac OS X on a Thinkpad, and I'll pay for it.


Here are the rules:

* T6* thinkpad. Any model is ok, I'll buy what works

* Fully funtional. WiFi, sleep, network, audio, cd/dvd, USB, accelerated video and of course.. trackpoint.

* Reasonable battery life (> 2 hours)

* Compatibility with all Mac OS X software as it is

* Fully stable


I'll pay for the OS X license, I'll pay for the laptop, I'll even swap the WiFi card if I need to, I just want a stable, pretty fully funtioning Unix on my Thinkpad already.


How's $250 for starters?




Update: Forgot audio and DVD. Just saw some of the T61's will have a built in camera, man, if that's not the ultimate setup I don't know what is.

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I figured I'd come by and throw some advice on where to look out there, and some feedback. I suggest you start here:








Those are threads about installing OSX on a T60. DONT use the zip he included in the first one though as it is VERY out of date. Also, the second one mentions non-working wifi, that can be fixed with the purchase of an Atheros card.


I have personally installed OSX 10.4.8 on my T42 yesterday, ehres my results:


Wifi works great, USB 2.0 works great, sound works great, I got a decent Power Manager to show the battery status, but I only get about 45 - 50 mins of battery with it on power save. I also do not have a new batter, but it does get an hour and a half on Vista. I assume an extended battery could get you 2.5 hours + on a T60. Heres the 2 issues though:


Video. My video works partially accelerated, but it isn't 100%. Then again I am running a t42 with a Radeon 9600 M10 where as most T60s run an x1400 which i believe is partially supported by OSX using a few tweaks to the ATIRadeonX1000.kext drivers.


Sleep. I CANNOT get sleep to work, i click it, nothing happens, i haven't looked into this though, will keep you posted.


Trackpoint. T_T I can get both mice to work, but just as basic mice, no scrolling option on either the touchpad or the third-button on the keyboard-mouse. Haven't looked into this either.


If you have any more questions let me know, I'll be more then happy to help, I can't guarentee I'll be able to figure everything out, but I'll help for free so it's a win win :-)




p.s. Forgot to mention, I am currently tri-booting Vista, XP and OSX on this T42 and it runs great. OSX is faster on this then ANY of my friends iBooks. I personally don't really like OSX but I want it for bragging rights so i am going to finish getting it working 100% over time, and will try to keep you posted.


Update: Sleep Support! The T60 uses a Core Duo SSE3 Processor so I believe that you may be able to get sleep working with these directions:



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Thanks for the pointers. I'm on a T43 right now (2687) running Feisty, so maybe I'll try loading things up for a test run. Hard to justify doing to this machine as it's my work machine and I can only justify so much messing around.


I read the TP forum as well and saw that post, but it doesn't look like anyone has gotten sleep working reliably yet. That's really non-negotiable for me.


Maybe the new T61's will fair better, especially if the midrange ones with integrated graphics work with QE. I know that if I spent three or four days messing around I could get something mostly working, but I can't justify wasting that much time for something that will only work 90% and ultimately have me reinstalling another OS, thus this bounty.


Thanks! .

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Well keep in mind the SSE3 newer kernal's were just released, and alot of the posts on TP are a little out-dated. Most people on TPs are on 10.4.7 and lower, and Sleep was just getting fixed on the newest 10.4.9 SSE3 Kernel. Unfortunatally this T42 only has SSE2 otherwise I would try to get things working and test it out for you. I will be trying a few new things tonight mousewise, I think I found a mouse solution, I will let you know.



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