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Continue trying with my 6100 or buy new card?


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I'm trying for the last 10 hours to get my Nvidia 6100 onboard card to run with the multiple driver sets there are (Natit, Titan, Macvidia) but no go..


So far I only got Kernel panics until I re-installed OSX and did a clean install of the natit drivers.. The geforce and NVDAResman drivers all load without a problem now..


Now i've got a completely new problem: The system hangs at the /System/Library...../loginwindow command. Do you guys think that I can get past this or should I give up and buy another (7300GT) card?


I'm willing to give all the needed input (Diabolik, do you have need for specific info on this setup?). By the way, I'm a Linux kinda guy, so the commandline has no secrets for me :thumbsup_anim:

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I have 6100 to! ;)

No luck for me to

Can you tell me please what drivers you installed

so i can try them on my own setup.

Please advise me in installing those drivers on my setup!

Jas 10.4.8



GeForce 6100

Dev.ID: 03d0

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