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I'm stuck with no mouse


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Ok I've read ALL posts about mouse/keyboard problems during install, but can't get it working.

I'm able to click me past the first steps with my PS/2 keyboard, but when to choose destination I must

access the menu at top of screen when preparing HD destination. I can see mouse cursor, but when i

move mouse the cursor takes a HUGE leap and dissapear out of screen. I've tried both USB and PS/2

hardware - no luck... I've also disabled USB legacy - no luck...

I recently spoke with another guy with same problem. He got it all to work after switching to INTEL hardware.


MSI-6702 socket 754 VIA K8T800

AMD 64 3000+

768MB DDR266

SATA & IDE HD (that's not my problem)

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First , Mac OS is not support PS/2 device and only support

but you can use 1 usb + 1 PS/2 device at the same time

or 1 usb +1 usb

This method I tested before ,it works


But I think your mouse may have some problem

Could you test another usb mouse?

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