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Mac OS X 10 4 8 JaS AMD Intel SSE2 SSE3 with PPF1 amp PPF2 install fail


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Hi all trying to install the above & get panic cpu 0 caller




Iv burned the iso to dvd & made a empty partition. XP & data partitions already exist but this is unrelated surely.

Any ideas ? would love to get this working !






Toshiba Satellite Pro A120-160


Intel Core 2 Duo T7200 / 2 GHz ( Dual-Core )


100 GB - Serial ATA-150 - 5400 rpm


1 GB DDR II SDRAM - 533 MHz ( 1 x 1 GB )


Intel GMA 950


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The usual:

Disable SMART from bios.

Dont instal on a logical partition.

Try to use PS/2 key and mouse.

If monitor problems then use an external monitor until solved.

If you want to make a dual boot system (Windows/Os X).

Be sure that your hardware supports OSx86.


You need:

1.Acronis Disc Director Suite.

2.Install Acronis Disc Directror.

3.Prepare your Disc or Partition.

Format it Fat32 and make it Primary no Extended.

Give it a name that you recognize on later steps to dont mess it all like Mac Os X.

4.Make a bootable CD with Acronis tools (no neaded but is sometimes useful).

5.Install Acronis Os selector (it gonna give you an Os selector Boot menu on startup).

Ready for next steps.

Dont procced until you backup all important data on your computer.

Neaded staff:

1. Mac OS X 10.4.(1-8) Install DVD (on a DVD+ or -R NO RW!)

2. A PC with a compatible DVD drive (to install OS X)

3. First of all be sure that OSX can run on your computer before attempting anything like a dual boot.

How to:

1. Get a prepatched OSX install image (look at torrent sites for that).

2. Burn the image to an empty dvd recordable (+R or -R NO RW)

Use your favorite burn program for this (Nero, Alcohol 120%, MagicISO, PowerISO e.t.c)

3. Insert the OSX install disk and reboot your computer.

4. Boot the DVD, when the grey Apple stops spinning, select Language for the installation.

5. On the top of the screen, click "Utilities" and then click "Disk Utility".

6. Disk Utility starts. Select your Hard Disk or Partition. Chose "erase" tab and set the Volume Format to "Mac OS extended (journaled)" and erase it.

7. Wait until the process finishes and then close Disk Utility.

8. Follow the installation steps on your screen, select the HD with the partition you made in step 6 and choose "Customize" if you have that option.

In the "Installer" window, select either the Intel or AMD. Choose more packages if they fit in your hardware.

9. After finishing the installation, wait for the computer to reboot, remove the install disk and enjoy your "Windows" - "Intel/AMD-Mac Os X (x86)" installation.


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Guest Ramm

That was kind of general, Oracle.


Did you install the specific packages for the intel? Have you tried disabling one of your cores? Have you tried another drive besides a SATA one?

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Hi Oracle


I have used drive image to partition the drive as you say. I do have experience of dual boot, partitioning etc & think this is ok


I can't seem to disable smart in my bios :thumbsdown_anim:





I don't get into the set up as far as any options, choosing –v results in panic


I did try cpus=1



Have only tried the SATA drive, I have an external USB drive might this help ? if I cant run osx on the internal drive then it's a no go.


Thanks both for your help.

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Hi Guys


I figured if I want to try a mac that much I better buy one, so I have. Think the Tosh will probably heading for e-bay.


Macbook, 2.16Ghz, 1Gb, 120Gb


Initial impressions are very good but I'm at the very beginning "how do I do that " faze :P

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