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Block device access under f** creep windows

Alpha Sirius

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When the subject is windows I'm out of the charge...


But I wanna know how to access a block device (Floppy, Hard Drive) under windows without using low level programing.


If it was *unix I could simply open the device I want, read the sector I need, close the device, and stay with the sector on buffer. (fopen, fread, fclose)


I need because I`m working in a way to easily modify my active partition (using GUI), so I can switch system without have to modify my boot sector code (install grub)


So I need raw access to the MBR sector 0 (for who don`t know) to modify the booting bit (0x80) from offset 0x1BE to 0x1CE.


I've got the sources in a kind of primary way, so if way one wanna take a look...


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