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plz help


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ok ive been trying to install this on my computer for 2 weeks and i always get the message "still waiting for root device" when i try to install


my computer:


processor:intel celeron 2.0gz sse sse2

ram: x2 512 = 1gb DDR

video: ati radeon x1300 pro 256mb

motherboard: asus P4SGX-MX

chipset: sis 650GX/962L


so far ive done these:


put both dvd and HDD on same ide controller

-x -v -s -f ,platform=acpi and i tryed pcx86, rd-disk0s1 and up


nothing will work not even vmware


in my nother board book it says this about the ide contollers:


it calls them





shouldn't it be ide0 and ide1??


plz help

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Follow this:



Neaded staff:


1. Mac OS X 10.4.(1-8) Install DVD (on a DVD+ or -R NO RW!)

2. A PC with a compatible DVD drive (to install OS X)

3. First of all be sure that OSX can run on your computer before attempting anything like a dual boot.


How to:


1. Get a prepatched OSX install image (look at torrent sites for that).

2. Burn the image to an empty dvd recordable (+R or -R NO RW)

Use your favorite burn program for this (Nero, Alcohol 120%, MagicISO, PowerISO e.t.c)

3. Insert the OSX install disk and reboot your computer.

4. Boot the DVD, when the grey Apple stops spinning, select Language for the installation.

5. On the top of the screen, click "Utilities" and then click "Disk Utility".

6. Disk Utility starts. Select your Hard Disk or Partition. Chose "erase" tab and set the Volume Format to "Mac OS extended (journaled)" and erase it.

7. Wait until the process finishes and then close Disk Utility.

8. Follow the installation steps on your screen, select the HD with the partition you made in step 6 and choose "Customize" if you have that option.

In the "Installer" window, select either the Intel or AMD. Choose more packages if they fit in your hardware.

9. After finishing the installation, wait for the computer to reboot, remove the install disk and enjoy your "Intel/AMD-Mac Os X (x86)" installation.


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