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Broadcom 4311 woes - 10.4.9 uphuck


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Hey all,

Love the forum(s). I have a really odd problem. When installing w/10.4.9 uphuck, and I come up to the post install portion to setting up the wireless connection, etc, I have no problems whatsoever with the Broadcom 4311 wireless. Can browse the web, use whatever, and all is dandy.


The problem is when I shutdown/reboot, whatever - it doesn't work again. It doesn't come up in the Network Preferences, no little blue light, period.


HP NX6310 laptop - OSX install states it sees a Broadcom 4311 wl0


So...what am I missing here? Is it possible this isn't a 4311?.....


Any help is appreciated - keep up the great work folks - I'za LOVEZ OS X!!!



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