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About flashing my ATI 1650 with a 1600 bios.


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Hi all,


As some may know i have a damn Asus silent 1650 pro wich device id 0x71c7. I have been talking to the gurus of the scene and everyone has told me to buy a new card. With diabolik drivers i was able to change resolutions, etc... but no qe/ci and when I insertd my id into the ktext he suggest I got a kernel panic. So, I´m thining about flashing it with anohter bios form a Asus 1600 card. Do anybody know if this is possible? Any other suggestion?



Thanks in advance,


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Well buddy... It will be possible and here is how you can do so...

It's as easy as A, B, C...


(1) Here is the BIOS that needs to be flashed to your card: Asus X1600XT (PCI-E) 256 MB

Download it.


(2) Now in Windows, backup your old BIOS if you need it later say if something goes wrong... Do this as follows:


1. Launch ATITool

2. Use the "dump bios" Function and dump the BIOS to backup.rom


(3) You will have to make a boot disk and put on it atiflash.exe and also the new BIOS file you want to flash your Card with (xxxx.rom). After you create the boot disk, restart your PC with the boot disk.


(4) Flashing with ATIFlash


Since you are trying to flash a BIOS for a different card, you will get a security warning that the BIOS does not match your card if you use the standard procedure. Hence use the -f parameter to force flashing.


a:atiflash -f -p 0 xxxx.rom [Enter]



I hope it works... :thumbsup_anim:<_<:P

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