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problem reboot since i've installed vmware fusion


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I have installed osx86 native (jas) 1 montj ago and all was okay.

I am on mac os 10.4.9 and All is good.

15 minutes ago, I have installed vmware fusion beta on my osx86 and a message who said: "please rebot your system.Push the restart boutton or press the start boutton for 5secondes"

I have done it and, restarted.

But I have a white screen withe the apple coil (sorry for my bad english but iam french).

And after that, I have the message who tell me to rebbot my computer....

I have restarted on my osx86 save partition and I have lunch a permission repair and a disk repair.

I have restarted and i Have the message who tell me to restart my computer.


I have all of my documents on this partition, what can I do?

Thank you



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