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Dual boot with Osx pre installed and xp.. please help ?


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did a lot of searching but i'm kind of afraid of doing this before asking :P


I already have Osx Installed and working fine.. and i have a second partition i use as data that's fat32..


I would like to resize the second partiton to make room for a 3rd 10gb XP partition


install windows in that.. and dual boot..


how would you do that (what tools and order ?)


I just want to make sure the mbr isnt screwed up adn stuff after i do that.



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Hi Prussiap:


I am running Dual Boot at home having installed Windows XP on the FAT32 Partition.


Why did I do this? One reason is because Windows XP runs fine on FAT32. Another reason is Mac OS X fully supports reading and writing to FAT32 Partitions.


Here's the process I did:


1) Install Mac OS X on one partition and make sure it works (which you already did).


2) Install Windows XP on the FAT32 Partition.


NOTE: If you need to repartition the FAT32 Partition, you can use OS X Disk Utility or Windows XP Install Disc. WARNING: Re-partition the FAT32 Partition only -and- only if you have everything backed up. Leave the OS X Partition alone.


3) After installing Windows XP, you will be booted to Windows XP partition by default. Make sure Windows works OK.


4) Reboot and use CD-ROM Boot Disk like Windows 98 or SE, go to command prompt.


5) Type in FDISK to go to the MS-DOS Utility.


6) Highlight the Mac OS X Parition and set it Active.


7) When you reboot, you should get Darwin Boot Menu where you can select either OS X or Windows partition.


Since FAT32 can support Windows and can be read and written by OS X, I would just leave the FAT32 Partition and install Windows on there.

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