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Atheros PCCard Wlan Nic

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i cant get working my PCCard wlan card in 10.4.9.


The Dmesg says me this:

IOPCCard info: cs: cb_alloc(bus 6): vendor 0x168c, device 0x0013

IOPCCard info: cs: cb_alloc(bus 6): found 1 functions

IOCardBusDevice: binding socket 1 function 0 to card services.

IOPCCard info: cs: cb_config(bus 6)

IOPCCard info: fn 0 bar 1: mem 0xa0010000-0xa001ffff

IOPCCard info: irq 11


when i make a kextload IO80211Family.kext nothing happens


I added several strings in the info.plist:




















no PCIPridge failure on startup.


The System Profiler says me under the point PC Cards:


Function: Ethernet-Controller


Typ: Cardbus

VendorID: 5772

GeräteID: 19


in the option PCI-Cards i have no installed PCI-Cards


does anyone else has a solution to get my Atheros Wlan nic working?

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