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setting FSB from 200 >>> 266 on 10.4.9?


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I've just built my fist Hackint0sh,

(for details see my signature)

it all went rather smoothly


thanks to some nice tutorials among others

gdog's [How To] Dual-head Dual-boot Silent BadAxe2/Core2Duo/GeForce 7600/10.4.9 Build

combined with How to Dual-Boot Windows XP & Mac OS X [Video Only]


So now i am kinda stuck at the last step,

Fixing the front side bus from 200 to 266


I know the files that should be corrected is situated



but i am uncertain of how to proceed after opening Boot.plist

(guess i am not the only who could benefit from an explanation...)


i have downloaded "open terminal" i guess that is the program i need to edit boot.plist


and that the code i need to enter is


<key>kernel flags</key>




but still i am uncertain on how that should be done...



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Guest Ramm

Create a copy of the boot.plist file, place it somewhere else (desktop)


Right click, do open with...TextEdit.


Edit the file, save it.


Replace the original one with the modified one.

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thank you thank you


that was one last piece of the puzzle :)


now i can watch video's without the sound going in double time


using the TextEdit was alot more comfortable for a noob like me


once again thank you :D

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If you are admin on the system you can just select the file and "Get info" on it. There you can change if the filer is read only or permissions is wrong ("read only" for all except root is default on this file if I remember correctly, in winxp for the moment)

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