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Install success 10.4.8 with ppf1 and ppf2, but can't start system


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My hardwares


Mainboard: Gigabyte P965-S3 (seems can't disable one CPU core in Bios)


CPU: Intel DuoCore E6300

Graph: ATI 1300 128M

RAM: 1G *1

ROM: Samsung DVD-ROM with SATA port


I follow the guide in wiki http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=44742, installation is sucessful. After reboot, apple screen come out then screen turn black without any system information. Unpluged pci devices but no use.


Please help me what wrong.


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Thank u, Oricle. I made it under your suggestion.


I can boot it now. I made a mistake again that I tried to install Natit Universal driver 1.0 beta version. Same problem appears, the monitor just power off when booting then will show "no signal detected". It seems the Natit driver 1.0 is not suitable for my ATi X1300 card.


Now I trying to use Natit_ATIauto[1].kext, hope it works.

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I changed x1300 to MSI x1600 256. DVI no working, D-Sub is OK.


Anyway it support any resolution and ci etc.


But my hard disk (250G SATA) has below two problem.


1. It can only recognize 120GB, and it can't support Extended Partition (done by Winxp).

2. Harddisk reaction slow when copying files, opening programs.


Any one has similiar situation?

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