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Audio Issues on ECS PT890T-A


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Im having issues getting Audio Working(on 10.4.8) on the ECS PT890T-A. The board South Bridge, which drives the audio(I assume )is a via VT8237A


This makes it the audio drive by VIA VT1708A. In Linux this ends up running fine under the VIA82cxx module.


With that in mind, Following the Audio guide(for ALC8xx) on the Genius bar, I try to setup the sound(I have not tried the Natit clone method yet and the alc655+VIA seems to produce no results also)


I changed the 2 Info.plists to the following vendor/device id

Vendor 1106

Device 3288

making it enter as 0x11063288 in the section IOHDAudioCodecVendorID


Then for the other change, in the section IOPCIPrimaryMatch


Vendor 1106

Device 1708


These vendor/ids are from lspci from a Ubuntu live disc


What I was wondering was This device even supported, if so, what solution should I try next? The Natit Clone method or ALC655 + VIA8237R fix again, with some modification?

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grinsystem, looks like were are the only two with this motherboard.


Can you get SATA install?


I was told try to get AppleVIAATA.kext from 10.4.7 and patch it.


Ill let you know on the audio as I have it installed on an older ECS board with a patch.

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I'm setting up one of these ECS P4M900T-M (v1.0) boards up on OSX86 for a friend.

Anything you've learned would help me enormously... I'm desperate.

I've been successful with an Intel 945GPM (another friend) and my own mobo (Intel Bad Axe 2)

but I'm stumped by this ECS board with the VIA chips.


You're not the only three, nrvnqsr 12string & grinsystem! :):D:P

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