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Dual Core Working (Core 2 Duo) On a Dell Inspiron E1705


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This is my first post here, so constructive criticism is appreciated. I recently acquired through eBay a hot-rodded Dell E1705 Inspiron, which was very nice under Windows Linux, etc., but I knew from reading the Wiki companion to this forum that the second core didn't work in my favorite OS--Mac OS X Tiger! I've got to hand it to the gurus who put the DVDs together--I got everything else (except second core and the card reader) up quickly with minimal work, the performance hit of no-joy on the dual core was bothering me.


Here's What I did (for the impatient)



I installed JaS's SSE3 Only Intel DVD, using the Semthex Kernel and every JaS package that I thought might be applicable (e.g. I left out ATI since the machine had a 512MB NVIDIA GeForce Go 7900--which flies under Titan with patched video BIOS).


I DID NOT (this may be the key right here) install the PowerManagement.bundle. The fans on this box weren't running out of line, so I didn't think I needed it.


I DID set the following in my com.apple.Boot.plist (kernel flags line):


fn=3 platform=X86PC idlehalt cpus=2 -v


That seemed to be the conglomeration of the lines mentioned in various posts that had helped somewhat with the dual core issue.


I didn't patch the OS to 10.4.9 (blocked it in system update)


Whenever the machine boots (at the moment, I cannot make the fix permanent yet, looking into scripting) I use the following routine to bring up the second core all happy-like:


Power Button (brings up the familiar window offering restart, sleep, shut down, etc.)


The kicker is that with two cores up, the mouse is unusable.


So (my little brother showed me this--I am shamed in Mac geekery temporarily)...I press the 's' key (no Apple key down or anything else first). This selects sleep, and saves a bunch of minutes fishing around with a cracked out mouse.


I power back up with the Power Button, and the thing Just Works!


I apologize if this is all old hat, I just wanted to see if a boil-down could help any other Dell Core Duo or Core 2 Duo users out there.


Attached is a screenshot of the Activity Monitor showing two cores (with load spread across). XBench will come once I get the XCode.dmg burned to DVD...maybe later tonight. Performance is better than the Dual 1.6GHz G4 next to it on the desk, but that is an IMHO until I get solid benchmarks from XBench.


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