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AirPort Perils (Broadcom Chipset, 10.4.8)

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Heyy all

I'm here today because I'm having a problem. With a wifi card >_>


It should be fixable, since everyone got it working.

It's about the Asus WL138 V2, Broadcom chipset

It seemed to pick it up at first, but it thought it was a PCI Ethernet card, not an airport

So ehh, I deleted it from the ports list. (it was grey, and deletable)

And now i have got no idea how to get it back.


Odd enough, the NetworkInterface.plist seems to be the same throughout all of my work. There are still some VMWare fusion and Parallels virtual cards in that file >_>

No mention of my shiny new Wifi card in there at all.

No matter what I change in my network settings, the iterface.plist stays the same,



It doesn't detect it in the system profiler under either AirPort card, or as a PCI card. I don't think the latter matters though, as my sound card isn't detected there either, but it works fine (CMI8769 somethingsomething).


Does anyone have any idea what to try in my situation?

Naturally, I already added my dev id (4318).



Note: Windows detects it fine, and works with it. Right now, so the hardware is fine.

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Well, I maneged to fix it.


Seems the kext got into the Extensions_Disabled directory. So I copied it, then got it out of there.

After that, I set the permissions on the IO80211 kext, and rebooted.


It worked immidiatly!

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