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Terratec Aureon 5.1 MKII USB

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Hi all!


I recently installed 10.4.8 on my Gigabyte 965P-DS4 (Rev. 3.3) and managed to make all my Hardware work with the Homebrew installation of 10.4.8 (JasDVD +pp1,pp2), all save my ALC888 which although works great, with a mod I found here, but doesn't afford me 5.1 sound (even when using an Aggregate device from Audio Midi Setup Panel).


I am about to go out an purchase the Terratec Aureon 5.1 MK II soundcard for my system, in the hopes that I shall finally have full surround sound. My questions are these:

1. Does it work with 10.4.8

2. Does it require a mod or a Kext to be loaded (installed extra) or does itgive sound out of the box?

3. Is it a full 5.1 experience?

4. How can I check with iTunes? MP3s usually played on 2.1 on my WMP in Windows, is the same true for iTunes as well or does it fill in the speakers?


Any help will be highly appreciated


Best regards!

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