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Set of little issues I would like to fix (I recall you hackos gurus :D)


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Here are some little issues I have noticed when I was using osx deeply:


- I have a 160 GB. It has 2 partitions right now one of 30 GB (winxp), second one 20GB (osx). I was trying to create and format third partition with disk util but it doesn´t let me do it. Every button for divide, erase, etc... are grayed, estrange. But the most strange thing is that the HD is seen as a 128 GB (yeah odd size) not a 160 GB (windows sees 160GB). Any clue?


- My CPU is a 2.16 ghz but it is shown as 1.61 ghz. This is more or less resolved because someone (sorry man can remember your nick) told me it was a kernel bug showing wrong speeds for processors.


- Yesterday I had problems with my connection (I think it wasn´t a hackos issue but my provider). I disconnected the cable modem when osx was running, then reconnected and now I´m allways getting "you don´t have a internet connection" when running the web browser. I have tried to fix the issue with the net wizard without luck.


- With my Asus Ati X1650 only one resolution can be selected 1024x768x32. Is there anyway to make macos show more resolutions? because this one is too little for the big icons, etc... :)


P.D. My configuration is:

C2D 2.16

Asus Ati X1650

Asus P5B-e

2 GB Mem

HD 160 GB Sata

DVD+rw Sata


Thanks a lot in advance, I know I make a lot of questions, but I´m a bit lost and curious ;).



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Hey buddy...


- Since the partitions you're wanting to edit in terms of size are on the boot HDD you can't edit them on disk utility from OS X itself. You'll have to boot from the OS X installer DVD and use the disk utility there to edit the disk. About only 128 GB of the HDD being recognized, it's very weird and I have no idea what the problem is.


- About the kernel... Use the latest SSE3 only, sleep kernel by netkas (Ask me at the IRC), along with the ACPI Power Management Release 3 (revision 2) by mac.nub that you can find at Mac.Nub's blog here. It's the latest and greatest by netkas. Should fix everything.


- About your ATi Radeon X1650 card, follow this link and download the package for 10.4.9 - 8.9.1. It should work.


I hope this helps. :borg::lol::)

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Hmmm... the Device ID that that package works with is 0x71c6, and yours is 0x71c7. Well I don't know maybe you have to edit the Dev ID in the kext provided. I'll try doing so and then post the kext.

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