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Got my hackintosh just a few questions?


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I got jas 10.4.8 burned.


I have the Gigabyte 945GM-S2 motherboard, now on the wiki it says

"installed via VMware, native install needs "-legacy" boot arg. everything works fine, DDR2 800 PC6400 is seen as "RAM 133Mhz"... Apple original security update (12/2006) works fine without patching. OnBoard audio fixed with ALC883 patch from here"

I am semi-familiar with running VM with linux in windows but how am I supposed to install OSX with it? And native install needs "-legacy" boot arg. now that's something with the HD's can someone explain?

Also is the audio patch run after install? And it doesn't say if onboard video works but I'm assuming it does?


Also my processor is a Pentium D 820

and for that it says in the wiki

"Works perfectly with semthex patch beta8 Jas 10.4.8"

Now is semthex patch something I must do during install by pressing F8 or what?


Please help guys and I these questions don't come as regurgitated {censored} to you.

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