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Won't recognize SATA drives


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Hey. I tried searching for an answer but I couldn't seem to find anything; so -


I got the image dl'ed and burned etc. Once I start the install it seems to go fine, then I get to the point where it asks you to choose a disk to install osx on. It shows nothing there. It doesn't show either of my HDD's. And I did go into disk utility but I still didn't find anything. Also, I did already set up the other partition for osx before hand. I'm dual booting with Vista.


Is there some sort of patch I need to add before I burn the install disc?


Mobo: Intel D945GNT (most likely GNTLR)

Processor: P4 551 (3.4GHz)

HDD: 2 SATA drives

OSX Version: JaS.10.4.8.AMD.Intel.SSE2.SSE3.PPF1.PPF2 (plus I have the JaS 4.9 patch)


I would really appreciate any help, thanks

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