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AMD Turion 64 X2 undervolting

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So this is primamry the problem. I haven't installed Mac OS X yet (did before) but I will probably give it another try next weekend as it seems that I can get Quartz en Core Image working on my GeForce Go 7600. Still the last time I ran Mac OS X: My fan was pretty loudly. I can only think of one problem:


My AMD Turion 64 X2 TL-52 running @ 1.125V instead of 1.075. I had the same with Windows Vista before an BIOS update with ACPI 2.0 (if im right) to support Vista. The noise in Mac OS X was about the same as in Vista with the old BIOS.


So why would teh CPU run @ 1.125V instead of 1.075? Since this is in the CPU itself. In BIOS it always shows up with 1.125 and the AMD driver for windows/linux will "undervolt" it to keep my laptop silent ;).


Ive searched for an hour to this problem, but found nothing. So I really would like to know if someone has an solution to this.

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