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Go5600 on ZD7000


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Hi everybody,


I can't manage to get QE and CI working on my ZD7000 notebook (nVidia GeForce Go5600 graphics card - 0x10de).

-> I installed JaS 10.4.8, with the Intel kext, and got a 1024x768 display.

-> Upgraded to 10.4.9, still 1024x768.

-> Installed the Titan ext (followed these steps), got the desired 1440 x 900 resolution, but with wrong colors: every other vertical line was green :blink:

-> Reinstalled a clean 10.4.8 version (w/ Intel kext), and reinstalled the Titan ext, same result: 1440 x 900 resolution, every other vertical line is green :censored2:


Did anyone manage to get a similar setup working? Any help would be greatly appreciated...


It's my first post on here, let me introduce myself...


I've been thinking of switching for a while.

Some days ago my mom told me she was willing to get a new computer. She does not feel that confortable with a computer, she can use MS Word, that's abou it. Out with her Windows XP and old version of MS Office, in with Vista and Office 2007 or... what about trying a Mac? I think she's willing to do more with her computer, browse the web, manage photos, get an email address, maybe a Mac will make the learning simpler.

I just thought it was time to try Mac OS, for her and for me. Put my old HD on my laptop, and began the installation of Vista and Mac OS X (dual boot). Yestarday was my first day on a "Mac" ! :whistle:

Don't need to get a fully functional hackintosh, just want:

- my mom to try to do what she uses to do with her old computer (paper documents) with Vista and Mac OS, and see which one she likes better (eventually also try those new things : eMail, internet, photos, ...)

- me fo see if I can do everything I do on my PC with a Mac (I'm a much advandced user), or at least most of it.

After this trial will be bought one or two Macs... or one or two PCs :)

Thanks in advance for your help, hope I'll be able to halp in return anytime soon...

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I was planning on having my mother trying both Vista and Mac OS X tomorrow (it's a day off here). I won't even have the 10.4.7 DVD by then (I'm approaching 50% now).


Oh well, she'll have a 1440x900 Vista on one side, and a 1024x768 10.4.9 Mac OS X on the other side...


Will post more news as soon 10.4.7 is downloaded and installed...

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Tried the Titan ext one can find here, and got no love (not a surprise, as it seems to be for 10.4.8 only): stucked in the grey apple screen on reboot.

Next I quickly tried the 10.4.9 Nvidia Installer I found following your second link. No love again, grey apple screen, and then a message asking me to reboot (4 or 5 sentences in different languages). Isn't this only for Mac OS X 10.4.9 only? Is there a ReadMe file or something?

I finally tried the MacVidia Installer 1.0.81 I found followind your first link... and hooooray! :D I've been able to move to 1440x900... but still no QE nor CI. ;)


Excuse my ignorance: :angel:

What will I be missing without QE & CI support?

Is the 10.4.9 Nvidia Installer worth a try on a 10.4.9 Mac OS X?

Is there a way to quickly revert such changes (I've been spending my time installing and reinstalling again Mac OS :) )?

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For reference purposes, in case someone with similar hardware run into the similar issues:

- also tried 10.4.9 NVidia Installer on 10.4.8, no luck: "every other column is green" issue

- upgraded my 10.4.8 into 10.4.9 following these steps, and tried the 10.4.9 NVidia Installer again, and got no luck again: "every other column is green" issue.


Reverted to my best setup to date: 10.4.7 + MacVidia Installer 1.0.81 -> full res (1440x900) but no QE & CI.


Still haven't found the answers to the following questions (havent't searched neither so far):

- What will I be missing without QE & CI support?

- Is there a way to quickly revert such changes (I've been spending my time installing and reinstalling again Mac OS :wallbash: )?


Now I'm messing with joining a Windows Server 2003 Active Directory domain, to get file and printer sharing, and will had to deal with the keyboard issues...

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The best configuration I had so far is: 10.4.7 + MacVidia Installer 1.0.81 -> full res (1440x900), no 'every other column' issue, and no QE & CI.

Good luck with your install. If you do some progress, please post them here. Thanks.

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