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wont boot


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i installed it on a hard drive with another computer and put it in my computer and when it goes to the grey screen with the apple, the no-smoking sign like apears


what does it mean???


Chipset: sis 650gx/sis 962l

mother board: asus P4SGX-MX

video:ati radeon x1300 pro

ram:x2 512MB

processer: intel celeron 2.0Ghz


i installed it to a 8GB hard drive(maxtor)

dvd: sony


it will run in the other computer


chipset: P4X333 north bridge and VT8235 / 8233A(CE) southbrige

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Unplag all the divices of your pc, usb or whatever you have.

Only Screen, Mouse, Keybord, and Drive used.


*Use the Onboard Grapics and disable SMART from Bios, also chek from Bios if you can set Onboard Graphics to 8 bits.

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