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Brightness control does not appear + Reading DVD WIn Recorded


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Hi all,


I have succesfully installed osx. I got sound, lan, and all the other pretty things. I have an asus p5b-e and a ATI X1650.


I still have some problems, 1 of them is the brightness control that should be shown in display preferences where resolutions are shown. It is not there, so, I can´t adjust it and monitor is too bright. I know I could touch monitor controls itself but I don´t want because I use the current profile to play with my 360. I remember I had a pretty nice ati control panel to do all this (set brightness, etc...), can I find one in mac for this or fix the brightness thing in display properties?.


Anohter issue, Is it possible to read my dvd full of mp3 recorded on windows in macos?. I can see the dirs, but not the files.


Thanks in advance,


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