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Installing 10.4.8 to DFI Lanparty SLI-DR nForce4 Opteron 165 Dual Core SATA


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Hi all,


I have devoted some time in researching the ideal macosx 10.4.8 installation method onto a PC with nforce4 SATA. I am a noob and I know many noob questions have been posted on the forum, but I hope someone can take a little time out to help me :D Thanks


My system specs are as follows:




DFI Lanparty SLI-DR nForce4

Opteron 165 Dual Core (Overclocked)

2GB Crucial Ballistix DDR RAM

Nvidia Geforce 7800GTX


2X250GB Western Digital SATA HD's

1X250GB Samaung SATA HD

1X120GB Hitachi Deskstar ATA


Logitech G7 Wireless Mouse

Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000




I have successfully installed 10.4.8 onto my Hitachi IDE HD using something called a 'KOTR' install disc. However, have the following issues during startup:


"EHCI controller unable to take control from BIOS"

"Apple USB EHCI unable to initialise UIM"

"IOATA controller device blocking bus"


these are just a few!


However, I was able to boot up and get into the OS. Then the fun started- Drivers. I downloaded mydevils AppleNForceATA.kext (rev3). On first restart, things were good. I saw my SATA drives! On second restart, I received some error messages that the kext was not installed properly.


Note: All I did to install this was copy the kext to the appropriate extensions folder. Nothing else :/


When I received this error message, I re-copied the kext and put it into the appropriate extensions folder. I never saw my SATA drives again and I then experienced some very erratic behaviour e.g. :


- 2nd display (currently running a dual screen setup) was upside down

- System would just freeze : mouse was working but I couldnt close or open any windows

- etc etc



Thus, this then leads to my question (sorry for taking ages!)...


1. Is there a recommended method of installing osX on my machine (i.e. with the hardware I have)?

2. Is the nForce4 on the SLI-DR supported? Are there any bugs or is it still very experimental?

3. I once upon a time successfully installed mac osx on my sata drive but I remember having to mess around with ubuntu first. I cant remember details! Can anyone tell me if this is the best way to install maxosx on the pc generally?

4. Relating to question 1 - would the tubgirl version be better for me? or the Jas 10.4.8 with ppf1 + 2 be better?


I dont hope to bombard anyone with a number of questions! If anyone can link me to the right direction, that would also be great.


Thanks to all in advance,



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Hi Oracle67,


Thanks for the advice..


I have indeed tried the normal installation method as detailed in my post. The KOTR installation DVD is in fact the "JaS 10.4.8 INTEL/AMD SSE2 SSE3" installation. However, I do not know if any of patches have been applied to it.


I have been getting OHCI/EHCI errors (as detailed in my previous post). I have then received other errors after applying the nForce 4 driver.


My current plan is to try tubgirl's 10.4.8 AMD iso then apply the 10.4.9 patch..


Would you recommend this is a good strategy for my current setup?

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