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KEXT package display and visiting problem


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Once a time, I mistakely choosed a program to open one KEXT package. After that, all KEXT packages are shown as normal folders thus you can open them by a simply double click. The problem is that a bunch of patchers just won't recognize them any more. An recent example is that the APPLEHDA patcher is poping out a window without doing anything when a codec dump file is dragged to it probally by the reason that it just won't found the APPLEHDA.KEXT package.


Being struggled with this for quite long time without finding a solution to it. But there should be an easy way to fix it instead of a fresh reinstall of whole system because I believe a well established operating system should not be messed up so easily without a recovery method. Will some guy happenly know the tricks and kindly give me a hint?



Solved by reset the launchservice.

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