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Need an out-of-the-box working Wi-Fi card?

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Well, After my whole debacle with the POS Belkin/Realtek 8185L card, I decided to take it back and head over to worst buy and see what they had. I found a Buffalo "Wireless-G 125 High-Speed" Wi-Fi card for $29. Well hey, that's already $10 cheaper, so it's looking good already. Did a search on the POS HP laptop they had there and I couldn't find much about it at all. I DID find one thread on an obscure Mac forum where some guy used it in a G4, but this thread was old. But at least there was some hope..


Get home, pop it in the computer, fire it up and..:





I'm typing from this card right now. Recognized as AirPort Extreme right out of the box.


Here's the card at NewEgg: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16833162111 (Mine looks slightly different from the one pictured)

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