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Dell XPS 400 - Dual DVD Drives - Only dvd rom works. DVD RW is not detected

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Hey guys, thanks to you all I am running Jas 10.4.8 on a Dell XPS 400 right now. It is real smooth, stable and heck, I haven't booted to XP in about a week now; I can do everything I want right here. Only issue is that it doesn't recognize the Phillips DVD RW for some reason. I have a Sony DVD ROM drive as Master and a Phillips DVD RW as a slave. The system profiler shows only one drive on the ATA bus. The motherboard supports only one ATA channel and the PCI IDE card is not recognized either. Any idea's what I can do (if I can't get both of them to be recognised, I'll try switching the drives so I have a burner instead of the DVD Rom). Luv what you guys do and thanks in advance!

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