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X1950XTX Support

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Hello all


I recently installed OSX 10.4.8 Jas build onto my machine which contains a X1950XTX card. After alot of searching around on the net and reading I have managed to come up with a few minor solutions to get full support.


I have created this thread in the hope that myself and other with the same issue might be able to get this problem resolved (that and it annoying trying to root around forums for info on this card).


Once OSX is installed initially I have noticed that QE and CI are enabled and supported (according to hte system profiler). the only issues I get is the fact that I get artifiacts appears every so ofter (not too bad) and I cannot change the resolution (unless you ticker with the boot options Boot Options


You can set the resolution here but that only allows you to do that resolution also it does fix the tearing issue.


Anyways if you goto this thread and downlaod the driver package for X1950XT this actually gives you full support such as Resolution changing, also fixes the artifacts appears on the screen X1950XT Driver . This driver works thankx to Jccool.


the only remaining issue and from my reading everyone with a X1950XTX appears to be getting this problem is the cards cooling fan runs at full speed. This would appear to be the only remaining issue with having this card.


My thinknig on this issue is that ATI use dynamic clocking so rather than having the card at a constant clock speed and there for having the cooling fan spinning at full speed, they lower the core/mem clock speed to reduce the heat and there for the fan can run at a lower speed.


For some reason installing the above X1950XT driver makes this run at full speed (mind you I haven't read anywhere that this causes any adverse effects).


Mind you it would be good to be able to get this last issue sorted. So if anyone has any idea's or suggestion (apart from replacing the cooling system on the computer) post them here.


If I come across anything new I will continue to post hear

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