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an awful hardware setup..

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Hí my first port here! Two days ago i´ve installed osx86 10.4.8 JaS sse2 sse3 on my machine and everything was better than i expected (after the instalation i got a white screen right after the grey apple, but it fixed rebooting!) now i don´t have sound, LAN and Video (forget about CI/QE)


i know that that my onboard ethernet adapter have some kind of curse, so i began looking for a cheap osx86 native one.. but surprisingly, changing some bios setups my cable modem suddenly appeard on my harware list when i plugged it in the usb port! is there a chance i can have a succesful connection trhough usb??

(a ray of light over mi modem)

please ! tell me what you think i should do!!




my computer

ASUS P4S800D-X (onboard sound and network not working, usb does)

INTEL P4 2.4



40 GB ATA HARD DISC (where i installed osx86)

80 GB SATA HD (where i have windows)

pinnacle pctv 110i

benq dvd rw

samsung cd rw


thanks! this is a GREAT forum

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